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Jafari Moghadam Saeed
Jafari Moghadam Saeed
Rank: Associate Professor
Education: Human Resources Management, Ph.D., Tarbiat Modares University, Iran
Faculty of Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurship Development Department
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  • Tel: +98 21 88332955
  • Address: North Kargar- 16th Street- Faculty of Entrepreneurship- University of Tehran, Tehran-Iran. Zip/ Postel Code: 14398143141- P.O. Box: 14395-796
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  • PhD in Human Resource Management (1998-2003) Tarbiat- Modarres University (Tehran)
  • M.Sc. in Public Administration (1995-1997) Al-lameh- taba tabaee University (Tehran)
  • B.Sc. in Public Administration (1991-1995) Isfahan University (Isfahan)


Academic Positions


2007- 2011

Head of Entrepreneurship Development Department
2005-2007 Team main member for establishment of The Faculty of Entrepreneurship at  the University of Tehran
2005-2009 Team main member of curriculum Design & Development and introduction new fields in entrepreneurship, inter alia: Small Business Management at Bachelor Level, "Public Entrepreneurship" and "Entrepreneurship Policy" at Master Level at the University of Tehran.
2004-2008 Publisher, License Holder & Editor-in-Chief of Organizational Knowledge Management, an Iranian Journal and its continuation by
2008-2010 Owner and Content manager of: www.KMjournal.coma website about Knowledge Management.
2008-2008 Scientific Secretary of the 1st Iranian Knowledge Management Conference, Feb. 2-3, 2008.
2008-2008 Organizer of the 5th GIAN (German-Iran Alumni Network) International Symposium, Knowledge Management in Higher Education, Tehran, Iran, 24-27 August 2008.



  • Language: English (good) / Arabic (fair)
  • Computer Literacy: Word / Excel / PowerPoint  
  • Farsi Editing comprehensive course, University of Tehran, 2002.
  • Journalism course, The Mediums Researches Center, Ministry of Culture, 2000-2001.



Exemplary researcher, selected by the Ministry of Energy (2003)




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 National Conferences, Seminars & Workshops

  • Professional Session on Entrepreneurship and Rural Business, "Entrepreneurship and Rural Business Foundations", (with collaboration of "The Center of Excellence in Rural Studies and Planning") Faculty of Geography, University of Tehran, April 2014.
  • The 1st National Conference on Development in Monetary and Banking Management, "Factors Affecting Innovation Experiences in Iranian Pioneer Banks", (with collaboration of Atefeh Yousefiyar) January 2014.
  • Conference on Administrative Reform, Entrepreneurship Development and Downsizing (University of Islamic Azad) 2010.
  • Documenting Managers' Experiences Workshop (Municipality of Mashhad) 2008.
  • Knowledge Management: Challenges, Strategies and Tactics (TAM Irankhodro Company) 2008.
  • Communication and Empowerment Management (Ministry of Labour) 2008.
  • Motivation and Human Resource productivity (Ministry of Labour) 2008.
  • Knowledge Management: Challenges, Strategies and Establishment (Tehran Police) 2008.
  • Knowledge Management: Challenges, Strategies and Tactics (Iran Water & Power Resources Production Management Company) 2007.
  • Knowledge Management, How we can establish in organization (Iran Melli Bank) 2007.
  • Documenting Managers' Experiences Workshop (IranKhodro company) 2006.
  • Knowledge Management and its Challenges (IranKhodro Company) 2005.
  • Knowledge Management (Tabriz Electronic Company) 2004.
  • Documentation of Managers Experiences (Ministry of Energy) 2003.
  • Change to Learning Organization (Tehran Water and Wastewater Company) 2002.
  • Effective communication (Social Security Organization) 2002.
  • A Native Model for Administrative Reform in Iran (The First Conference of Administrative Reform in Khorasan province) 2001.
  • Motivation, Development & Recruitment System (Ministry of Energy) 2001



  • 2nd International Conference on Entrepreneurship-Emphasizing Improvement of Business Environment, "Factors Affecting Senior Managers’ Entrepreneurial Behavior in Iranian Pioneer Banks", University of Tehran, Iran, February 22-23: 2014 (with collaboration of Salamzadeh, A. & Yousefiyar, A.).
  • International Conference of Entrepreneurship Education- Apriority for the Higher Education Institutions-CReBUS, "Challenges of Entrepreneurship E-education: Evidence from a Developing County", Bucharest, Romania, October 8-9: 2012 (with collaboration of Zafarian, R. & Salamzadeh, A.). 
  • Developing Educational & Research Cooperation between Iran & Denmark, "Entrepreneurship Development Policy in Iran", University of Southern Denmark, June 3-10: 2011(with collaboration of Farjadian, A.).
  • English Language Academy, "An English Language Course", the University of Auckland, New Zealand, 12 August - 02 September: 2011.
  • The 1th International Conference on Entrepreneurship, "A Framework for Entrepreneurship Development Policy in Health Tourism Industry in Iran (Experiences from Malaysian)", University of Tehran, September 29–30: 2010.
  • International Conference on Entrepreneurship, "Language Barriers to meme contagion, the case of entrepreneurship as a concept in Iran", Faculty of Management and Muamalah, Selangor International Islamic University College, Malaysia, ICE, May 27-28: 2008 (with collaboration of Keyhani, M.).
  • The 5th International GIAN Symposium- Cum- Workshop, "A New Model for Commercialization of Academic Research at Schools of Management, Based on the New knowledge Management", Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran, August 24– 26: 2008 (with collaboration of Naghavi, M.).
  • University staff development program, "A Comparative Study on Sharing the Teaching Knowledge in the University of Kassel and the University of Tehran", Federal Republic of Germany, Institute for socio-cultural studies, July-August 2007.
  • A visit to Tajikistan Universities and suggestions of areas for mutual cooperation, ECO, 24-31 July 2010. 




Documentation of The Experience of president Khatami Cabinet Selection process from Knowledge Management Approach, (project Manager).
2004-2004 Designing an Assessment Center in Iran Khodro, Automobile Company, (Research Assistant)
2003-2004  Discovery & Detection of Explicit & Tacit Knowledge in Establishing Process of First Energy Productivity Organization in Iran, Ministry of Energy, (project Manager).
2002-2003 Recordation & Documentation of Managers Experiences for discovery & Detection of Tacit Knowledge, Ministry of Energy, (project Manager)
1999  -2002 

Publisher Manager, “Institute of Management Research and Education", Ministry of Energy

1999-2000  Managers Development Program in Ministry of Energy, (Research Assistant).
1998-1999 Designing an Assessment Center in Tehran Electronic Company, (Research Assistant)