Tuesday, June 18, 2019 Current Time : 3:28 In Tehran

On April 05, 2017 a high-ranking academic delegation from Physical-Technical Institute visited the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and met with a number of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship authorities and teaching staff. At this meeting, on the Iranian side, a brief profile was given of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship along with its academic achievements during the past decade. Then two Faculty of Entrepreneurship students who had innovative and creative ideas with their newest products were introduced which gave good assurance of the entrepreneurial initiative steps at this Faculty. Further the Russian team introduced the Physical-Technical Institute which has 1116 highly-talented students being involved with Technology-based projects. They added that Physical-Technical Institute would support small investment projects worth between 15 and 30 million dollars. In addition, a budget of about 300 million dollars has so far been spent on Nanotechnology in the area of Olympiad in Russia, Iraq, Japan and South Korea. In conclusion, the head of the Russian team expressed readiness to dispatch his deputy for another meeting with the Faculty of Entrepreneurship authorities in future.