Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Current Time : 5:42 In Tehran


University of Tehran Officials Hosts a Malaysian Team from University Sains of Malaysia (USM)


On the 24th day of April 2017, at 17:00 p.m. a four-member university delegation from USM headed by Prof. Datuk Dr. Asma Ismail and accompanied by Dr. Ghanbari, Iranian Scientific Advisor in the South East Asia, held talks at a meeting with Iranian team attended by some officials of the University of Tehran including the Vice- President for International Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Bagher Ghahramani, Dr. Mohammad Reza Zali, Dean of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Mr. Abdolmajid Eskandari, Director-General of International Relations and Ms. Mansoureh Armand, Expert for International Relations. 

At this meeting, the Iranian team gave a profile of educational activities of the University of Tehran by focusing on the strategy of internationalization and the outlook of an entrepreneurial university. Both teams exchanged opinions and expressed their interest in organizing joint training courses and seminars based on a reciprocal arrangement. 

In conclusion, Prof. Datuk Dr. Asma Ismail expressed the Malaysian team’s willingness to organize joint international business courses at Master level, to initiate a student and faculty exchange program and to hold joint educational workshops covering international entrepreneurship discipline.

There being no further topics for discussion, the meeting ended at 16:00p.m.