Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Current Time : 5:45 In Tehran

A Ceremony Held at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship to Honor the Teacher’s Day


On Monday, the first day of May 2017, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Nili Ahmad Abadi, President of the University of Tehran attended a ceremony held at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship to honor the Teachers’s Day. At this ceremony, the Dean, Deputies, Directors and heads of various departments were present and a report on the Faculty’s academic activities which mainly included promotion of education quality, business minors, entrepreneurial development, B.P. evaluation group and … was submitted. Further, some of the participants discussed the necessity of theorizing capacity, accreditation, motivational steps for the students and the Faculty members and review sessions.

Notably, the president of University of Tehran made some remarks on the role which is expected to be played by the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and added that this faculty should develop its curricula towards innovative and functional programs which would help train entrepreneur graduates. He further remarked that preparation of integrated educational packages which can develop skills and build entrepreneurial capacity to help students become entrepreneurs is a necessity. Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Nili Ahmad Abadi, welcomed proposal to plan and offer a course named “the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship” in the curricula of university-wide departments. At the end of this ceremony, the participants paid a visit to the ongoing construction project of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship.