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An Academic Team from Ethiopia visited the Faculty of Entrepreneurship



At 10:30 on July 16, 2017, an academic team from Mekelle University, Tigray region of Northern Ethiopia, Mekelle city, Ethiopia paid a visit to the Faculty of Entrepreneurship. This visit which had been previously planned was in the wake of an MOU signed between the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Mekelle University. The visit first started with a tour of the campus and then the Ethiopian team met with some Faculty members and exchanged views and information on the possibilities and ways of establishing academic cooperation. During this meeting both parties made introduction of their entities which included information on the background and status of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Mekelle University. The discussion mainly focused on making preparations for offering joint doctoral programs, conduct a joint research projects, student and faculty exchange program, organizing short-term training courses, reciprocal visits by faculty members, and, in particular, sabbatical leave and topics of similar nature. In conclusion, both parties agreed to draw up an action plan within the framework of the already signed MOU to set the direction and develop the areas for possible academic cooperation in future.  

The Ethiopia academic team members:                   

  1. Prof. Abdelkader Kedir, Vice-President of Mekelle University;
  2. Dr. Tekeste Berhanu Lakew, Dean of College of Business and Economics of Mekelle University;
  3. Dr. Hossein Azadi, Tandem Dean of College of Business and Economics of Mekelle University, Senior Researcher in Department of Geography in Ghent University, Belgium and Adjunct Professor of Faculty of Entrepreneurship of University of Tehran;
  4. Dr. Habtu Alemayehu Atsbaha, Dean of College of Natural and Computational Sciences of Mekelle University;
  5. Mr. Goitom Tegegn Admasu, Director of International Affairs of Mekelle University; 

The team members from the Faculty of Entrepreneurship:

  1. Dr. Mohammad Reza Zali, Dean of Faculty of Entrepreneurship;
  2. Dr. Babak Ziyae, Advisor to the Dean on International Affairs of Faculty of Entrepreneurship;
  3. Professor Kambiz Talebi, Member of Department of Business Creation, Faculty of Entrepreneurship;
  4. Dr. Mohammad Naghavi, International Affairs Office, Faculty of Entrepreneurship;
  5. Dr. Mohammad Ali Moradi, Director of Entrepreneurship Development Department, Faculty of Entrepreneurship;
  6. Dr. Hasti Chitsazan, Department of Business Creation, Faculty of Entrepreneurship; 
  7. Dr. Behrouz Zarei, Department of Corporate Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Entrepreneurship;
  8. Eng. Neda Shahmiri, Expert of International Affairs, Faculty of Entrepreneurship;
  9. Ms. Soudeh Ghavami, Responsible of Public Affairs, Faculty of Entrepreneurship;

The meeting which lasted for about two hours ended at 15:00 P.M.