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List of Certain Schools of Entrepreneurship in the world


  1. Babson college,
  2. The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES), Stockholm University
  3. NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE), Norwegian University of Science and Technology(NTNU)
  4. Close School of Entrepreneurship, Drexel University,
  5. Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship ,Florida State University,
  6. School of Entrepreneurship, University of North Dakota,
  7. School of Entrepreneurship , Università degli Studi di Padova,
  8. Sydney School of Entrepreneurship,
  9. Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship,
  10. Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Bradley University,
  11. Schulze School of Entrepreneurship, the University of St. Thomas,
  12. School for Entrepreneurship & Technology,
  13. the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship , The National University of Samoa,
  14. Arthalaya – School of Economics & Entrepreneurship, Samriddhi Foundation,
  15. Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship (BEE),
  16. Bank Rayat School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK),
  17. Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran,
  18. School of Design and Entrepreneurship,
  19. Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, Chalmers Universty,