Thursday, July 18, 2019 Current Time : 5:5 In Tehran

Tandem Dean of College of Business and Economics of Mekelle University, Ethiopia paid a visit to the Faculty of Entrepreneurship

On July 29, 2017, a meeting was held at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship which was attended by Dr. Hossein Azadi, Tandem Dean of College of Business and Economics of Mekelle University, Ethiopia, Dr. Mohammad Reza Zali, Dean of Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Dr. Babak Ziyae, Advisor to Dean of Faculty of Entrepreneurship on International Affairs, Dr. Gholam Hossein Hosseininia, faculty member of Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Eng. Neda Shahmiri, Expert International Affairs.

Dr. Zali first expressed thanks for the efforts made Dr. Gholam Hossein Hosseininia the Iranian Ambassador in Addis Ababa in establishing the academic relations with the Mekelle University administrators.

Dr. Hossein Azadi, also expressed his gratitude for the role played by the Faculty of Entrepreneurship in initiating the university interconnectness. The attendees agreed on a road map which can help develop academic cooperation between Mekelle University and University of Tehran. This road map introduces the following key issues:

  1. inviting a three-member team from the Faculty of Entrepreneurship to visit the Mekelle University;
  2. Organizing the joint Ph.D. Program in Entrepreneurship in Mekelle University;
  3. Developing the doctoral curriculum based on the needs assessment in Ethiopia;
  4. Organizing workshops on “Entrepreneurial University” in Mekelle University;
  5. Providing assistance in developing the Center for Entrepreneurship in the Mekelle University in the area of rural entrepreneurship, in particular, supply chain in logistics;
  6. Organizing brainstorming workshops in “International Entrepreneurship”;
  7. Providing cooperation with the Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research published by the Springer Publishing Firm;
  8. Considering the opportunity for initiation of MBA and DBA courses in Mekelle University;
  9. Acting as a co-applicant for funding sources in cooperation with the Faculty of Entrepreneurship;
  10. Following up the matter of being a promoter or a co-promoter by the University of Tehran;

In conclusion, Dr. Babak Ziyae was assigned to act as a contact person and Dr. Hossein Azadi stressed to take practical steps towards realization of the said road map upon their return to Ethiopia.