Thursday, July 18, 2019 Current Time : 5:4 In Tehran

On the Occasion of National Entrepreneurial Day, Dr. Mohammad Reza Zali Sends a Message

Dear all entrepreneurs;

Today, entrepreneurship is considered an important driving force toward economic progress, social welfare and prosperity in a society. If and when the entrepreneurial opportunities are recognized and exploited in due course of time, it will pave the grounds for creation of values and competitive advantages in the business environment. Equally important, what is achieved through innovation, creativity and value creation will lead to higher economic growth, sustainable development and ultimately a solution to the unemployment problems in communities.

Entrepreneurship in Iran has a long historical background. Currently, Iran is deemed to be a hub for startups in the Middle East and, more notably, the growth rate of early stage/ nascent entrepreneurship has jumped to 12%, namely being equal to the rate in the USA. This has established a top-notch position for Iran in the area of Entrepreneurship development. Now I feel it my great duty to offer congratulations on the occasion of the National Entrepreneurial Day and wish success for all entrepreneurs and practitioners in their noble endeavors.