Tuesday, June 18, 2019 Current Time : 3:39 In Tehran

Entrepreneurial Leaders at the 8th Muslim World Biz 2017, Business and Investment Zone, Exhibition and Conference – JEWELS of MUSLIM WORLD AWARD 2017, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


For the fifth consecutive year, an Iranian was selected as the economic elite in the Muslim World which is annually selected at the Conference on Business and Investment in the Muslim World in Malaysia. At the opening ceremony of this conference at Putra World Trade Centre in Malaysia, which was attended Dr. Marzieh Afkham, Iranian Ambassador to Malaysia, 8 economic elites of the Islamic World were introduced.

In this event H. E. Mohammad Reza DAYANI (President/ CEO of Entekhab Investment Development Group, I.R. of IRAN) was one of the selected elites who received an award and statute from the conference organizers.

H. E. Mohammad Reza DAYANI who addressed the audience at the 8th Muslim World Biz 2017 Business and Investment Zone, Exhibition and Conference – JEWELS of MUSLIM WORLD AWARD 2017, laid stress on the resistance economy and capabilities of human capitals in each country which will help strengthen the Islamic World integration for economic progress. He also continued that this conference has brought together the entrepreneurs, and investors from the Islamic World to share their ideas and hence the event would be a good opportunity to discuss the model of their business cooperation based on their human commonalities and Islamic culture.

Mohammad Reza DAYANI is the fifth Iranian economic activist who was awarded the prize of economic elites in the Islamic World. During the four past years, at least one Iranian has been selected from among the notable economic figures in the Muslim Countries.

It is noteworthy that this conference has been regularly organized in Kuala Lumpur financially sponsored by the OIC and has provided excellent opportunities for the economic elites and entrepreneurs to gather in one place and discuss their shared ideas and experiences

YBHG. Adjunct Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ghazali Bin Dato’ Mohd. Yusoff, the Adjunct Professor of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship of the University of Tehran, was also one of the recipients of award and statute at this conference.