Tuesday, June 18, 2019 Current Time : 3:38 In Tehran

The Third Let’s Start Weekend Event Held at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship


The Third “Let’s Start Weekend” with a tourist approach was held at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Elite Foundation of Iran on October 11-13, 2017.


This three-day-event mainly included workshops for teambuilding, development of entrepreneurial ideas in the area of tourism, sharing such ideas towards launch of business models. Participants from the Faculty of Entrepreneurship, D.N. Union, Tourism Bank, University Jihad and Zarrin Industrial Group and a number investors and interested parties were present at the opening ceremony. Dr. Mohammad Reza Zali, Dean of Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Mrs. Maryam Berenji, Head of Public Relations at Tourism Bank, Mr. Jaafari, Deputy of University of Tehran-Science and Technology Park, Eng. Saeed Torabian, a top entrepreneur in tourism and founder of Ganjnameh Tourist-Recreational Complex in Hamedan, and Dr. Khavand Kar, board member of the Science Parks and Incubators in the country gave speeches on the significant role of entrepreneurial initiatives in tourism. Other speakers were Dr. Pasha Pour, an entrepreneurial leader and founder of D. N. Union and Mr. Hossein Bakhtiari, Director of University Jihad Science Parks and Incubators.

At this event about 50 ideas in the area of tourism were outlined from which 11 top ideas were selected as the best scientific achievements in tourism. For this purpose, 11 teams picked as having the best ideas answered the various questions at a question and answer session.

At the end of this event, 5 teams were introduced by a panel of jury as the best and superior teamS as follows:

  • Fifth rank, Van Tour Team;
  • Fourth rank, Health Tourism Team;
  • Third rank, I Leader Team;
  • Second rank, Boom Tourist Team;
  • First rank, My Credit Team;

More notably, Tourism Bank, Omid Entrepreneurship, Royan Institute, Ganjnameh Tourist Resort Complex, Kadro and ACECR affiliated to JIHAD were the top sponsors of this event.