Tuesday, October 23, 2018 Current Time : 19:47 In Tehran

The First Festival of E-Learning at the University of Tehran

On February 18, 2018, the first festival of e-learning was held at the University of Tehran which was attended by a number of deans, administrators and experts of top faculties organizing e-learning courses. At this festival, Dr. Mohammad Reza Zali, Dean of Faculty of Entrepreneurship talked on the development of E-learning education in the field of entrepreneurship, successes achieved by E-learning alumni in business activities (for example, Mrs. Parvin Baradaran Ghahfarokhi from the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and enrollment of e-learners from Afghanistan, Tajikstan and … ). Further, various clips on lightboard, hologram, media websites, social networks, mock site were unveiled. Additionally, the instructors in E-Learning, top students, staff, successful alumni, contractors and exemplary assistants received gifts and plaques of appreciation.

Mrs. Zahra Saffari, a Faculty of Entrepreneurship staff member was informed as the top worker to act as the contact person with the center for E-Learning Education.