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 Dean's Message

To all who try to make the world a better place to live in


You are welcome to the official website of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship, the first educational entity which was established in 2007 under this title in the Middle Eastern countries. Our mission is to serve as a center for learning, instruction, research and interaction in Entrepreneurship and our major goal is to foster excellence and commitment in our teaching undertaking and promotion of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Additionally, this Faculty pursues the main aim of planning to conduct training courses in entrepreneurship (with its interdisciplinary nature) in various socio-economic sectors as well as organizing conferences, seminars, educational workshops and promoting entrepreneurial culture in the country. More significantly, our approach to educational program is honesty as deeply entrenched in the core values of opportunity recognition, innovation, respect, integrity, excellence and a high sense of responsibility.                                                                                                                                         l

 Currently, the Faculty of Entrepreneurship has a total yearly enrollment of about (233) people students in 2018 and is offering Master and Ph.D. programs in 8 fields of Entrepreneurship. We can proudly say that this Faculty has trained (1760) people students and graduates within its short life span and has made a great social and cultural impact on various business environment and educational settings through knowledge acquisition for business startups across the country. Your enthusiasm, eagerness and interest to visit our website is highly appreciated and give you assurance that our faculty has a forward looking policy of preparing today's students and trainees for tomorrow's careerists, entrepreneurs and managers. This is because we firmly believe that our society needs better managers and entrepreneurs and thus the Faculty of Entrepreneurship is prepared to take on the formidable and challenging task of responding to this demand.                                                              l

I feel honored to head up this educational institution and am confident that the devotion of our faculty members, staff, students, graduates, alumni, supporters and sponsors in various fields will help to realize our school's vision on a par with the expectations, wants and needs in our society. To this end, we constantly try to remain dedicated to the advancement of research, enhancement of quality education and innovation in curriculum and course design.                                                                               l

I encourage you to find out more about our school programs and cultural events by surfing this website whatever the goal of your visit may be. We hope that you will end your journey with full satisfaction and we will be pleased to be of any assistance to you.                                                                                 l

Many thanks in anticipation,                                                                                                                      l

  GHOLAM HOSSEIN HOSSEININIA, Ph.D.                                                                                           l

                Dean of Faculty of Entrepreneurship, l

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Bio of Dr. Gholamhossein Hosseininia


Dr. GholamHossein Hosseininia is an Associate Professor at Faculty of entrepreneurship, the University of Tehran. He is also Chancellor of higher education institute science – applied Maharat. Formerly, he was a Deputy Minister (Deputy of Research Entrepreneurship and Education – Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare).                                                      l
His Ph.D. dissertation has been entitled in "Sustainable rangeland management: application of social network analysis". He is familiar with "food supply chain management".                                              l   
He has broadly been involved in "Agri-Rural and Development Studies" including 40 national projects, which he steered 19 projects out of 40. Furthermore, he has published over 32 papers amongst a series of high impact factor journals (national and international level).                                 l
Holding this background, thematically, he has focused on "Agricultural Entrepreneurship studies" including food supply chain management, sustainability, Business Models, entrepreneurial opportunities,  and methodologically, he mainly applies "mixed-method" including quantitative and qualitative techniques.                                                              l